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Kim Kardashian Make Up Pictures

kim kardashian make up pictures

    kim kardashian
  • Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian (born October 21, 1980) is an American celebutante, socialite, television personality, producer, actress, and model. She also is the daughter of late attorney Robert Kardashian. She is widely known for a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J and her E!

  • one of the hottest supermodels in the world showbiz, always knows how to draw attention of both the media and public by her own styles.

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Georgetown Waterfront & Theodore Roosevelt Island, on the Potomac River: Washington D.C.

Georgetown Waterfront & Theodore Roosevelt Island, on the Potomac River: Washington D.C.

[BB9530 > Gimp]

Pretty much the best I could do with it (in 5 minutes in Gimp)

Just too much NR, inability to control exposure, too much color lost in the sky, too wide of an angle.

But not bad for a $175 3MP cellphone shot.

The big problem is the lack of DR. The inability to control exposure in the application and the resulting lack of exposure balance. That's almost as much trouble as the wide-angle lens because zooming in on the center there would still leave the sky above the waterfront. And of course without the sky the darker buildings would require a much lower exposure-time, try *that* handheld at 300mm effective.

I basically have realized that the only real substitute for this rinky-dink 3MP cellphone is some better software that will let me control the exposure...and an A850 and the Tamron 28-300 lens. The VC lens is just too big and heavy. Sure I could go with a 4/3rds platform of some sort and get that same FOV range with a smaller light lens plus IS but then you're essentially grafting a superzoom on a cellphone. You might as well just go back to the G9. Yes, the CMOS sensors are a little-bit better but essentially you have the same CS, DR and SNR problems plus now you have all sort of funky filtering being done on the sensor. Just get a real sensor with real resolution, ISO100-800 is fine, even if above that Sony insists on channel-based NR. That's fine. I'm not going to do much shooting at ISO1600+. The lens is small and decent, the A850 itself is quite small for a fullframe. I don't even need the IS that much, because I'm not going to shoot so slow that I would need it.

That leaves just one problem.

Motherfucking $1800 for that camera LOL

Ignoring that old "man with a pistol vs a man with a rifle" issue.
Because I am still going to use the cellphone camera.

But sure: there will be times when it's just not good enough. And I will be both willing and able to carry a real camera and lens. Now of the quadrant "it's not good enough and I have the A850/Tamron 28-300 on me", I can live with the size & weight of that rig. You're still talking about ponying-up $1800 for a body that you're only going to shoot once in a while. But it's like anything *else* that you don't need. It's money spent for something that you will only use "once in a while". Or even worse, you do use it regularly but it's way more than you need, so it's a waste because you're just throwing the money down the commuting in a Porsche 930 or some expensive-ass Ferrari convertible.

Aesthetically my cellphone pics might suck as much as my D700 or 5D shots, but I didn't sit down and take brackets through a $2500 lens and run them through ACR and LR to produce them, either. I could have. Even if I *could* bracket my cellphone I'd still need a tripod to keep the positioning right. The main bonus here is the ability to adjust exposure, but that still will produce a fair percentage of pics that need "fill-lighting" to look decent, ignoring the subject-selection. Just talking technical IQ. So sure, you say, "my $1k DSLR has in-camera HDR". But you don't *need* in-camera HDR. Most decent image-processing programs will at least help you to do "HDR" on your computer, to a degree. The only thing that in-camera processing helps you to do is save time on the computer, or perhaps post somewhat-decent jpegs without any post-processing.

But I can do that with my cellphone.

So the shadows from your $1k DSLR and lens are a little better than the pics I take with the BB9530. The highlights, in extreme HDR scenes like the above, might be much better. So what. Is that really going to make or break the image? Not if I can get a decent overall exposure with the cellphone. And remember you still have to carry that thing around. And take it out. And shoot it. Then put it away. Over and over again.

So you're not doing a whole lot better by saving *$1k* over an A850, in spending $1k for a contemporary subframe DSLR and lens, talking strictly about imaging not video (which brings in a whole host of other problems, first of all, getting someone to watch your video [imagine shooting 30 minutes of video and you never look at it. Ever.]). You still have 90% of the other problems, of an A850 vs a cellphone. But now you can't make large high-quality prints because you don't have lots of high-quality pixels. You can only make small high-quality prints, or large prints of medium quality. Because you didn't go the extra mile that you needed to go to be able to make large high-quality prints. Essentially you got halfway there then gave up, turned around and walked back. You ended-up walking just as far but missed most if not quite all of the benefits. Instead of "wasting" $2k on a great camera, you "wasted" $1k on a crappy one, with the only justifications that it can shoot video and it's better than a cellphone camera. But I would say for 99.999% of

Kim Kardashian 4

Kim Kardashian 4

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kim kardashian make up pictures

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