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Make Up Cooking Games

make up cooking games

    make up
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

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make up cooking games - Crafting Mama

Crafting Mama

Crafting Mama

Crafting Mama for the Nintendo DS.

Crafting Mama
Glue, fold, paint, and more.
Glue, fold, paint, and more.
Mama returns in an entirely new experience that will challenge your creativity. Join Mama and her award-winning formula of addictive, stylus-based activities as you sew, mold, paint, cut and much more. Crafting Mama is the only dedicated crafting game that features 40 different craft projects so you make a new creation every time!

Huge variety of crafts.
Huge variety of crafts.
Use your stylus as your master crafting tool as you sew, glue, fold, cut, pin, paint, hammer and more.
Includes 40 different projects across a huge variety of crafts: make aprons, mini Mama dolls, paper airplanes, birdhouses, patchwork quilts, earrings, boomerangs, mugs, candles, kaleidoscopes, flower decorations, xylophones and so much more!
Use your creations to accessorize Mama or play a mini-game. Sew an apron for Mama to wear, fly a paper airplane you've freshly folded and more!
Create your own unique craft by choosing your materials, colors and patterns.
How your creation ultimately looks depends on how well you perform each step of the activity-get a different result every time!
Mama will award you bronze, silver and gold medals based on how well you made your craft.
Explore Mama's Gallery where you can interact with items in her living room.
Play against up to 3 friends using wireless play.
Share the Apron craft with a friend who does not have a Crafting Mama game card wirelessly!

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got no game

got no game

mediterranean lamb kebabs atop basmati rice with a yogurt mint sauce

went into the kitchen with a boneless leg of lamb and no idea how to prepare it. i found out the leg has quite a good amount of connective tissue, not well suited for a short cooking method like a tenderloin would. so i ended up making the meat three ways. i sectioned the meat in between the connective tissue to make kebabs, with the scraps i made a burger patty, and tied the rest with butcher's twine to make a roast. the resulting lamb was juicy and tender, with good lamb flavor but not gamey at all.


Lovely Kitchen Game

Lovely Kitchen Game

Since she was a little girl, Mary has dreamt of running and owning her very own Lovely Kitchen! Now, she is ready to make this dream come true, and has opened up her very own restaurant. Help Mary create a successful restaurant by serving up delicious meals in a timely manner, and making sure each customer leaves content. Upgrade your restaurant's d'cor and equipment to make an extremely Lovely Kitchen in this fast-paced Time Management game!

make up cooking games

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